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America Trip – San Francisco

Posted on: 24/04/2012

So… only 4 months until my trip to America, just spent tonight working out the plans with everyone. There are just so many different things that it’s been really interesting working out how to ensure everyone gets to do things that they will enjoy, without stepping on anyone else’s toes too much. So I thought I would put our basic plans out there over the next week or so – see if anyone has any little drops of brilliance to add.

San Fran is our first stop – arriving midday Tuesday and flying out 5pm Thursday.
We found the WharfPass online  – which can be upgraded to include Alcatraz and seems to be the cheapest package deal by far! Will be great to get a hop-on hop-off bus on the Wednesday and just explore the city at our own pace, the bay tour by boat will also be a great way to see San Fran from a different angle. Of course there is no way you could go there and not do Alcatraz, so this has always been a must do on our list.

I think we will choose the Submarine and historic boat options as they more fit with the guys and my idea, Miss 3 and her mum might split and do the Aquarium instead, but to me a fish is a fish really. Not sure whether the bread tour or the arcade tickle my fancy more really – what would you choose?

We were looking at catch the BART (using the BART?) to get from the Airport to our hotel – Hotel Carlton, but it looks like a good 15 minute walk to the nearest station, which after a 13 hour flight, with all of our luggage and a, likely very tired and grumpy, 3 year old just doesn’t appeal. So we are still trying to work out the best (read cheapest) way to get from/to the airport – anyone had to do this before and have ideas?

The hop-on hop-off bus covers Chinatown and the Golden gate bridge &  park which are two “must-see’s” and we also get the cable car trip covered by the WharfPass so it really will be the perfect thing for our whirlwind first stop of the trip!

Anything I have missed? Let me know your experiences in San Fran as we are definitely open for idea’s/improvements to the plans.


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I guess it depends what you enjoy. My favourite parts were walking around the coastline, and through some of the tracks in the Marin Headlands out to Rodeo Beach. But exploring the city was cool too.

In case you interested, my photos from my trip there are online in a few albums: biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, Russian Hill & Chinatown, the coastline and Golden Gate Park, downtown, Haight &c., Marin Headlands.

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