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Bucket List – Where am I at now?

Posted on: 18/07/2011

So… yes, it’s been a long time and yes, I’m pretty useless… but that’s alright as you all still love me… yes all one of you that may actually read this!

So December last year I created a bucket list… thought it would be time to update it a bit…

Right… here’s the list and I will update any I can!

1) I want to be a size 10 (at least) again.
So.. big news here… I am! I have lost 13kgs so far and still want to keep going, but am pretty happy where I am. I am even size 9 in some jeans 😛 I took photo’s the other night in the exact outfit I wore to my 21st (which was where I was really shocked into how badly I needed to lose weight) and although I was sick, so look a bit miserable, even I can tell the difference!

2)I want to go back to Disneyland – nothing on this front

3) I want to own my own house – I actually started seriously looking into mortgages at one stage… when I realised banks were willing to lend me around 300k for a house I got rather scared at how ridiculous this was so have backed down for a while… I am trying to work out if travelling overseas is more of an option than I originally thought about currently.

4) I want to ride an elephant
5) Go to the Superbowl
6) Go snorkeling somewhere in the Cook Islands/Fiji area
7) Get Married
8 ) Pay for a stranger when they can’t pay for themselves – surprisingly I haven’t had the opportunity to do this! I always have it in the back of my mind in queues etc, just need an opportunity.
9) Learn to drive manual well
10) Give Blood – I have done this twice now! Was booked in for my third but got sick over the last couple of weeks so better hold off.
11) Read lots of books, basically. See here for more info
-Definitely been reading lots of books… not the ones on this list though, so might need to look into the list again
12) Go to Comic-con and Blizzcon!!
13) Go to all 50 states – Planning a trip to Seattle, L.A. and Las Vegas for the next big flights sale so definitely starting to look into this one!
14) Buy stocks – I have a book about buying stocks.. if that counts?
15)  Make myself clothes (Or at least one item of clothing) – still a bit scared of my sewing machine.. I have put together two quilts for my nephew on it though which turned out pretty neat so chuffed about that.

Right… now time for something that I really am proud of… the proof of 1 is in the pictures…

The picture on the left is me at my 21st – 3rd July 2010, the picture on the right was taken yesterday, 17th July 2011 – I am 13kg’s lighter… and sick with bronchitis.. but still!


4 Responses to "Bucket List – Where am I at now?"

WOW! You look awesome! Hard work pays off eh? 🙂 Good job!

You look amazing!! Well done 😀

You look amazing (You did before as well though!), that hard work has definately paid off! 🙂

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me–I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

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