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Update on my Bucket List (& in general)

Posted on: 18/01/2011

Well hello there people!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas/New years. It already feels like forever ago. Thankfully Wellington Anniversary is this Monday to give us that wee extra break that everyone undoubtedly needs to recover from Back-to-work blues.

So firstly a quick update on my Bucket List, I have completed number 10! For those of you who have me on twitter/facebook you will know that this turned intor rather an ordeal for me.
So number 10 is give blood, pretty simple task right?

I was walking up the terrace on the way to hand in my Graduation gown (Oh yeah, I graduated – that ceremony is waaaay too boring, but you have to do it right?) and I noticed that the mobile blood bank was across the road and decided to give the number a call, if they had a spare time then I was just going to have to donate wasn’t I? Lo and behold they did, so I arrive at 1.20, fill in all the forms and then go in for questioning.
Firstly – having had my tonsils out in the last two months and acupuncture the day before this took rather a while to decide if I could in fact donate.  Turned out fine, so 10 minutes later I was in the chair with the squidgy thing in my hand and my vein was doing its thing and pumping out my blood.

Turns out my veins are pretty efficient, less than 5 minutes later I was finished. Rested a bit, then they sat me upright again…

Next thing I know there are people surrounding me and I am back lying down…

Now I still have people around me AND pillows under my already elevated feet
Turns out I fainted twice, I have never fainted in my life. This was actually quite scary for me!

They get me a fan and I start feeling a little better, then queezy. They quickly get me a little pottle thing only for me to vomit not only in the pottle and on myself but all over the poor nurse too! Gosh, this really was a memorable experience. They had never had anyone faint twice AND vomit, one or the other maybe. Least I am special right?

So… two hours later and a free t-shirt that only those who have donated 10 times are normally privileged to get I head back to work.

Funny thing is, I am going to donate again, as soon as I can, because no matter how bad the experience was for me it can only get better. I know what to do this time and preparing by eating and drinking a lot more than I did the day before and the day of will definitely help.
Here’s the thing – that blood can save up to three lives… so what’s two hours out of my day and a bit of a bad experience? Well… life or death to someone else to be extreme.

On a lighter side I am also on my way to 15 – Make my own clothes
This one will take rather a tad longer as I first have to learn to sew properly, but I bought a sewing machine at Christmas! I also have my first basic quilting project all stitched up and ready to sew, but even once this is finished the pictures will haev to wait until after a friends birthday as this certain friend could quite easily find the pictures.

Any more news from me? Well… I joined the gym, along with goodness knows how many other people who have decided it’s their New Years resolution.
More than that, I have actually been going! Only for about 20 minutes in the mornings mind, but that’s better than nothing right, right?!

So I shall leave you with that for now… whoever you are, if there is anyone there at all.

Ciao for now 🙂


1 Response to "Update on my Bucket List (& in general)"

I’m here! Good on you for wanting to go back and try again. I have never donated because I’m really not very good at even giving a tube for testing. I have regularly fainted and thrown up in the doctor’s office! But I should take a leaf from your book and at least try. Can’t wait to see the quilting project too! What sewing machine did you get? I’m looking to see what other people have because I don’t know what to get! I would buy bernina if I had the money, but sadly I don’t.

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