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Bucket List 11-15 (Ideas come much quicker now!)

Posted on: 07/12/2010

So, after taking forever to get 10 out, there are now a bazillion more I can think of! So here goes the next set

11) Read lots of books, basically. See here for more info

12) Go to Comic-con and Blizzcon!!
For those that don’t know what Comic-con is see here:
Blizzcon is like that too, this sums it up well:

13) Go to all 50 states
This is just one of those things, I don’t need to travel far into all the states and at one point there are four states that meet, so that is all I need for those states. 50 states, 50 pictures, one hell of a trip 😀

14) Buy stocks
I have always been fascinated by the stock market, making money (Or losing a whole lot) from doing so little sounds amazing, so understanding and buying a stock or two would be rather awesome!

15)  Make myself clothes (Or at least one item of clothing)
The idea of having someone compliment your new [insert clothing item here] and being able to say “Thanks, I made it myself!” would be so super duper awesome! Hoping to take a course in sewing to start me on my way 🙂

So that’s the next 5 down what do you think?
Anyone else out there had any luck at ticking items of their lists?  (written down, or otherwise)


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