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Bucket Lists & starting to create my own

Posted on: 03/12/2010

Boy, it’s been a little while!

Anywho, I have this amazing woman where I work, the type that does motivational speeches for fun, has such fantastic insights and really gets you thinking… so lo and behold she has got me thinking about my future

We had a big discussion about bucket lists in particular & both decided to push each other to create one, as it is so easy to let the ordinary in life take over until you forget about all the extraordinary that is out there too.

Yes, I am young and have a loooong time (hopefully) to work out what I really want to do/go/be and all that, but why not start now? So I did… I sat down, found an app for my iPhone (I really am such a geek) and said “Right, what do I want to do or achieve in my life?”

“Oh crap, I have no idea what I want to do!!”
*Right about here queue a mini-breakdown in my head about realising I have no actual goals or even travel plans that I wanted to do*
It was also about here I realised a lot of my travel ideas I had were “just because” and I didn’t want to create a list based on the notion that I want to go somewhere “just because” so it got really hard.

Currently as I am writing this I still only have one thing on my list, but by the end of this post I want my first 10 items so here goes!

1) I want to be a size 10 (at least) again.
Why – It’s pretty obvious right? for my health and all that… really I just want to be skinny and wear pretty clothes!

2)I want to go back to Disneyland
Why – I went when I was 5 and as I have discovered I don’t remember a lot of my childhood, also I was way too short to go on any of the rides back then and before anyone else says anything I am pretty sure I am now tall enough!!

3) I want to own my own house
Why – I think most people want to do this, something about a place of my own, putting down roots & being able to do things your way!

4) I want to ride an elephant
Why – Hello, it’s an elephant?! Awesome!

5) Go to the Superbowl
Why – I just find the American’s so over the top crazy sometimes, so why not see it at it’s best – Superbowl Sunday!

6) Go snorkeling somewhere in the Cook Islands/Fiji area
Why – I went to Rarotonga when I was ~11, absolutely loved it but it was hard to really enjoy it and do all the things I would have loved to do, especially something like grab a Vespa and just spend the day travelling round the island, picnic, swimming… ah, bliss

7) Get Married
Why – I am a traditional girl deep down, the whole white wedding and a day all about me (Oh, maybe the groom too) sounds amazing! Cake, dancing, food… 😀

8 ) Pay for a stranger when they can’t pay for themselves
Why – I think that truly random acts of kindness are amazing things but also hard to come by. I have always wanted to just step in when i see someones card decline and them about to walk away, but have never done it.

9) Learn to drive manual well
Why – Women get enough crap for being shitty drivers (mainly because it’s true) without me adding to it!

10) Give Blood
Why – Other people need it more than I do

Phew, that was hard. Now it is definitely time for bed.  I think I will aim for 100 goals in total, but I have a feeling that will take me a while! So what do you think? What is your #1 if you were creating a bucket list?


5 Responses to "Bucket Lists & starting to create my own"

I rode an elephant! And it was very awesome 🙂

I created a list too and had a really hard time starting it. Once I got a few things done, it got easier though 🙂

#1 is cage dive with Great White sharks!

I couldn’t make one either, so I made a ‘Fuck-It List’ of things I’m totally not going to bother doing 🙂

I love your #8! I’ve always wanted to do that too, but probably the only time I seriously considered it, I then changed my mind because we were at the supermarket and I noticed that even though the lady had kids she was mostly trying to buy casks of wine…

Taking my husband to the Superbowl is definitely on mine, because he’s a huge NFL fan.

The only other ones I have are going to Italy, and then related to photoshoots I want to do. A bit lame :/

Nothing lame about that at all! I want to travel to Europe too, but I want to make it a little more specific before I add it to the list 🙂
Also if photography is your passion it would never be lame. It has given me an idea though!! Comic-con!!

That’d be such a cool experience 🙂

The number one thing, and the only thing on my newly created bucket list (created right here and now as I type ;)), is to see the Northern Lights. Can’t even tell you why, but they fascinate me and I would *love* to see them in person, in all their glory. I would probably go to Alaska to see them, as it’s always appealed as a great place overall to visit. Also, I do not agree with number 9!! Women are not bad drivers, certainly no worse than men, and I’d say better. In fact the stats, particularly for fatalities, stack up well and truly against men. I think the insurance company stats also say the same.

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