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30 Days of Me Day 17

Posted on: 27/09/2010

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Hmm, I don’t know if I have one person as such..

1) It would definitely be a male, as I think standing up to pee is just so funny that this is a high priority.

2) It would also have to be someone gorgeous, just because If I am going to be male then a gorgeous one would be tres interesting.

3) What next? Well I don’t want to be a politician, no matter how much the idea of changing the world in a day would be awesome, they just can’t do it – too much read tape. That and I think this would be impossible due to point #2

4) Another point for being a male – I want to know if they really do have moments where they are thinking “nothing”

I just realised I would be switching lives with this person for a day… so that means they get to be me? I think I have made my choice. Swapping lives with Malcolm for a day me thinks, or would this be a terrible mistake? I bet most women would love to spend a day in their partners shoes and see how the other half do on a daily basis.

Also for anyone who have seen “The Boat that Rocked”   I want to try this:

So, How bout it then?


1 Response to "30 Days of Me Day 17"

Point 1. I, too, wonder what this would be like. But I figure I’d be laughing to hard to pee in a straight line 😛

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