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30 Days of Me – Meet my fellow challengies

Posted on: 07/09/2010

Challengies? Challengers… whatever we are called we are doing it!!
If you are on twitter we have picked up #30daysofme as our official hashtag, so have a search to see the latest blogs! People are at all different days, and may have even finished but overall its great to see other peoples view, ideas and to just feel like part of something bigger every once in a while!

To make things nice and simple I also have a bundle RSS feed of everyone here:

@niceties: *She is a pioneer and already at day 22!

And the Brave Boys who are man enough to do it too:


If I have missed you give me a yell!!

32 Responses to "30 Days of Me – Meet my fellow challengies"

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Suzi Heath and Kate Montgomery, Bronnie. Bronnie said: RT @Pebblesy links 2 people doing #30daysofme so far @akianz @amylovegrove @smrtgirl @alikat2 @xoxbubbles @BRONNINATOR […]

[…] a summary post which listed quite a few women bloggers in New Zealand that were participating : … and the response was – “why not jump on the bandwagon yourself”. So […]

[…] stolen this list from pebblesy above And will be adding a few more as we […]

[…] of NZ tweeters have started doing the 30 days of me challenge. You can check out the full list here (thanks to Susie aka @pebblesy for the post). Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)What […]

[…] a hell of a lot more people have joined the 30 days of me challenge, check them out here! ← 30 days of me: […]

[…] 30 Days of Me Posted on September 8, 2010 by jenomalley Today many people I follow on Twitter have been talking about 30 Days of Me. After reading many today, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, join in on the fun and blog for 30 days. To check out the full list, click here. […]

[…] I’m joining in a 30 Days of Me challenge for Kiwi women bloggers. […]

Hi! I’ve just joined the 30 Days challenge too –

[…] can go here for a full list of everyone participating. Feel free to join […]

Yayy!!! Its spread to Orlando, FL! I too have joined the challenge!

Can you please add me to the list too? I tweeted mine to you earlier, but you might not have seen it!

[…] to do and whole bunch of NZ tweeters have also jumped on board. You can check out the whole list here, and I also suggest you check out their blogs and/or follow them on twitter if you’re that […]

I’ve taken up the challenge too, though I’m only on day 2!


me too me too 😉


[…] I’m joining in a 30 Days of Me challenge for Kiwi women bloggers. […]

[…] I have always wanted to start a blog, so what a fabulous opportunity to do it with the 30daysofme challenge.  The structure of the challenge should get me right in to the blogospehre…  […]

Have decided to jump on the wagon:


Oooh, I’m in – thanks for bringing this all together

My husband is joining us, it’s his day 1 today.


Hi there! I have joined the challenge as well 🙂


[…] Good work Suzi for managing the list of people participating. Check some of the other blogs out! Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about […]

[…] currently 89 New Zealanders – largely women – taking part in a communal daily blogging meme called #30daysofme […]

Still doing it 😉 @MiramarMike

Wanted to attach my #30daysofme blog 🙂

And twitter name @mummybrain

Hi there @noozeeland here

My 30 Days of my blog

Also taking part here. My twitter name is alkalinekiwi

Love this challange. On day 3.

Twitter is @k_b1

Better late than never, I’m joining the challenge! can find me on twitter under NZGeekGirl

nice work. have just discovered this, and am just starting out. @melburnian on twitter. 🙂

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