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30 Days of Me – Day 1

Posted on: 07/09/2010

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Well Here goes…

Wow… finding a picture shouldn’t be hard… but even my 21st ones make me cringe!! So this will do… look at the purdy balloons!

Right… Next step

15 Interesting things About Me

1) I left school in 6th form and went straight to university

2)I have an overactive imagination, when it comes to windows at night I quite easily start thinking about how someone could be on the other side, and freak the bejezzus out of myself.

3)I don’t plan to have children, but if I had to name a boy it will be Ryan Timothy!

4)I worked at Bendon Lingerie in my last year of school part time. I have seen enough boobies to last me a lifetime

5) I used to get a slice of plastic cheese and two arnotts chocolate chip cookie biscuits and make a cheese sandwich. Tastes amazing! (Actually quite want one right now)

6)When I was younger I wanted to be an interior designer – then I realised that is a dead-end job in NZ so changed my mind.

7)I am useless with money, I just have no idea how to not spend it!! Even with advice and help, I just fail.

8) I have over 330 DVD’s/Blurays/Tv Series

9) Although I love reading, I have never been a fast reader and I am very jealous of anyone that can read quickly

10) I have a nephew who turned 1 in August, I have never met him. This make me Le Sad.

11) I was pathetic and attention seeking as a teenager and was into cutting myself… quite into it… but a certain boy changed all that and have never once thought about it since

12) At one stage I had a total of 8 piercings

13) If I was a boy I would have been called Patrick – thank goodness I was a girl

14) I believe in God. There I said it. If this changes your opinion of me so be it. I may not seem like a christian, may not even act like it at times, but that’s just me being useless, nothing against God.

15) Lets go for a simple one for place number 15 – I am the youngest of 7, my closest sibling is 5 years older!

Okay.. done, that wasn’t too hard now! I think it was likely way too deep for what most would expect, or what this really asks… but I am good at doing that 😛


3 Responses to "30 Days of Me – Day 1"

hey enjoyed reading your blog, good going 🙂

haha at number 4!

Patrick huh? I was going to be Oliver… lol

Six siblings!!! That’s awesome!

I totally relate to #14!

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