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Hello… Is this thing on?

Posted on: 15/03/2010

Why hello who ever is out there!

Its been a while huh? I feel like I have abandoned this blog, like so many other well meaning projects, you start out all energized and excited, with all the best intentions and ideas.

Last year my oldest sister was pregnant with her first child, so immediately I jumped on the idea of knitting, after lots of money spent on all the “necessary” items and a couple of attempts of course I gave up.

I have done this with soo many things! I bought a motorbike, barely rode it, sold it and bought a mountain bike – used even less.Gym membership – 6 months I had it, be lucky if I went 6 times.

I am beginning to wonder if I am a little too flaky, that maybe I really should learn staying power and begin to stick everything through. I just can’t stick to things I want to do. I wish I was the type of person who was able to set her mind to something and could just stick on track no worries, but alas this will never be me.

Right, where was I? Ah yes! (See my point?) I was thinking the other day why I stopped.. and I realised that I get a bit lost as to what to write, should blogs be personal, insightful, comedic? Its rather hard to decide what to write, do you consider who will be reading it, or who you want to be reading it… do you sensor it according to this?

I mean I can’t sit here writing about how super hunky Brendon McCullum is, and how much his tattoo makes him out to be a cheeky bad boy if Malc is going to read this can I?

Anywho… I am a little lost about what I should or shouldn’t be saying. Or if I should be saying anything at all so for now I shall flee!!

So for now, I bid you all adu


2 Responses to "Hello… Is this thing on?"

Hey, good to see a post on this blog after so long!

You are right that there can be quite a few different possible reasons for having a blog, with different respective focuses and target audiences. I tend to mix all sorts on my blog: some personal posts only relevant to people who know me, some technical ones of interest to a wider audience (I think this one about working around bugs in VMware got the most comments ever), sometimes humourous or interesting links, sometimes updates about various projects I am working on, sometimes I try to start a discussion about some topic (often not all that successfully).

I am with you on the “another well meaning project” I am always starting things off and not always finishing them… Let’s see if my blog which I’ve just started is another one of those.

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