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Right – time to write about leg number two of our trip. Seattle is a bit different to the rest of the trip, as this is where we meet up with the last of my partner’s brothers, his wife & their daughter… who is currently Miss 1, but the day after we arrive in Seattle she will become Miss 2 :)

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So… only 4 months until my trip to America, just spent tonight working out the plans with everyone. There are just so many different things that it’s been really interesting working out how to ensure everyone gets to do things that they will enjoy, without stepping on anyone else’s toes too much. So I thought I would put our basic plans out there over the next week or so – see if anyone has any little drops of brilliance to add. Read the rest of this entry »

So… yet again it seems I have been remiss, but that’s ok as I have a lot of very good reasons for it! I have decided it’s about time I give this an update as there are things that need updating! Read the rest of this entry »

So… yes, it’s been a long time and yes, I’m pretty useless… but that’s alright as you all still love me… yes all one of you that may actually read this!

So December last year I created a bucket list… thought it would be time to update it a bit… Read the rest of this entry »

Some light afternoon entertainment.

Funny how things can change meaning completely! (Either that or boy was this one very dodgy advert!

YouTube – You and Your Johnson.

Well hello there people!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas/New years. It already feels like forever ago. Thankfully Wellington Anniversary is this Monday to give us that wee extra break that everyone undoubtedly needs to recover from Back-to-work blues.

So firstly a quick update on my Bucket List, I have completed number 10! For those of you who have me on twitter/facebook you will know that this turned intor rather an ordeal for me.
So number 10 is give blood, pretty simple task right?

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So, after taking forever to get 10 out, there are now a bazillion more I can think of! So here goes the next set

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